9apps apk app store | free 9apps install APK app

9apps apk app store | free 9apps install APK app
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9apps is introduced by alibaba mobile group. It is very user friendly. 9app is apps in which user can download millions of apps and game. It has very interactive user interface. We can easily search the game and apps in it because it is categorized by user choice.it provides billion of games apps videos etc. in one place due to this reason day-to-day its popularity is increased.in 9apps we can comment before or after the download on the apps, games or that we can see on the app for downloading. We can download the apps or games without login.

Features of 9app:

  • Categorization: – All download option like wallpaper, game, app, ringtone etc. are placed in categorized way.
  • All in one place:-Millions of apps, games, music, ringtone etc. are found in one place. It means all pictures, videos, wallpaper, ringtones, songs, apps, games all are stored in this app.
  • Easy to access:-Because all things are stored in categorized way so user can easily access it.
  • Free download:-All the apps videos ringtone games are download free without any cost
  • Tiny apps: – It is very smaller in size.
  • Easy to install:-Because it is smaller in size so, it can install easily in mobile.
  • Own server:-It has own server so download speed is high.
  • Speed: – Its speed is high. We can access the data of it speed because it has own server.
  • Security: – It gives the security. It protect from Malware at download time.

How to download 9apps:-

  1. Connect to internet for download 9apps.
  2. Open the browser
  3. Insert the address 9app.co.in in address bar
  4. 9app is opened now select the download option
  5. .exe file is starting to download, and after download it ready to install.

Install 9app:

  1. Go to setting and select the unable unknown source.
  2. Open the file where .exe file is stored and then click on it.
  3. Accept the term and conditions.
  4. And now click on install.
  5. 9app is installed. And ready to used .and start the download that want.