7 Reasons to Download 9Apps Store on Your Device

7 Reasons to Download 9Apps Store on Your Device
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Play store is a place from where you get applications. You might have used Google Play store, right? Well, it is no longer the best option for getting applications. There are better and more powerful play stores like 9apps.

Before you make any assumptions, it would be great if you have a look at 7 reasons to download 9Apps Store on your device. Once you go through these points, you would definitely fall in love with this platform and get it for your device too!


  1. It is free

Many people feel that third party play stores are paid. Well, talking about 9apps, it is free of cost platform. You can download it from the official website of 9apps. The platform is available for android.

  1. Offers continuous variety

If you love to explore new options in applications then 9apps is the destination. It gives you myriad of applications that too belonging to all the genres.  No matter you are looking for food, learning, booking, reading, pet, vet, movies, entertainment, videos, music, health & fitness, news or any other type of applications; you would find them in abundance in the realm of 9apps.

  1. UI is easy

If you find it tricky to run play stores because of their complicated UI, then 9apps gives you relief. It has a user interface (UI) that would make it easy for you to use it. The app is well organized, made in the way that the users don’t face any trouble in using and navigating.

  1. Safe to use

Many people feel that third party play stores are not safe to use. If you too have such a thought then shun it.  This third party play store is absolutely safe. You would never find any type of bugs, viruses or any other false deeds happening because of this store. After all, safety has been the priority of the makers of this store.

  1. Speed is impressive

Yes, you heard it right. This application is not going to eat up any additional time of yours. The platform runs smoothly and effectively. The speed would not disappoint you in any way. The developers have paid much attention to the speed of this play store.

  1. Access to Third-party applications

If you use Google Play Store then you might have access to only the applications that belong to that store. But if you use this 9apps store, you would experience access to all the applications out there. The platform has all the third-party applications that you can think of. You would not have to wander anywhere because every app you would get in the realm of this play store.

  1. Supportive languages

The play store is available in different language options. In this way if you don’t find English easy to understand then you can use the platform in an alternative language. Certainly it is a move for the ease and comfort of the users.

Now, since you know about 7 reasons to download this platform of 9apps, make sure that you install it on your device right away.