5 Android Applications for Moms

5 Android Applications for Moms
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You know moms have their own life too. But again, they have to take care of kids and ensure that everything is going smoothly. The point here is that if you are a mom and sometimes you find it really tedious and tiring to be a mother then you need to take assistance of android applications.

There can be many things in your life where you might think what if you had an application for that? Well, now you get a streak of amazing applications in the realm of android. For now, you should check out 5 android applications for moms.

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  1. TaskRabbit

It is an online marketplace that is going to connect you to helpers that can do usual or common tasks.  Their helpers can help you with moving tasks, television mounting, handyman tasks or any other kinds of task you can think of. You can get this application for free. In this way if you are alone and you need a hand, you get a professional hand right away through this application.

  1. Cozi Family Organizer

In case you are looking for a mother planner application then your search ends here. Cozi is an organizer that is specifically designed for families. It can assist you in coordinating schedules, grocery lists, and different kinds of activities, to do lists, and even make communication easy for the entire family.  It is indeed a good calendar application for moms.

  1. Sworkit

Sworkit is a good workout application that is going to guide you through video workouts that has been tailored to fulfil your workout goals.  This application would help you in finding out what you should do in your fitness regime and why. Moreover, it feels like a personal trainer keeping an eye on your fitness endeavours. The application is absolutely free and giving it a chance would not be a problem for you.

  1. Sprout Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Well, congratulations for these special and new phases of your life. Now here this Sprout Pregnancy application would help you in keeping you educated and organized during the pregnancy. It is specifically designed to help you through every day of the pregnancy.  This app is filled with features.  It encompasses real-to-life interactive movements, weight tracker, a pregnancy journal, and kick counter and even that of contraction timer only to name a few.

  1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a popular social media app for your neighbourhood.  The application easily connects you with other moms in the neighbourhood.  The application can help you in finding out a sitter; attain proper recommendations of fun things to do with the children, planning different birthday parties, or even share health and safety tips.  The application is free of cost and connects you with moms near you. In this way you can learn a lot about things that you can do to make your motherhood more exciting, fun and safe.

Thus, these android applications are indeed must have for all the lovely moms out there! You should give them a try and these will help you for sure.You can get all these applications free of cost from 9apps play store!