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9apps latest version update 2018 

File Size 3.5 MB
Type Tools
Require Android4.0 or later
Developer 9Apps
Downloads 80,00,000 +
Update 2018-02-01

Offering opportunity to users to download Android apps and games, 9Apps app store remains as a perfect alternative to Google Play Store and other app stores. Most importantly, this app store lets users download premium apps (paid apps) absolutely at free of cost. This makes 9Apps more popular in India.

9Apps app Distribution Company is owned by Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999, the China-based company is now one of the leading mobile commerce companies in the world. Thus by choosing 9Apps you are to enjoy the reliability and credibility of a global brand.

9app is that tool through which user can download numerous multimedia content like videos, films, ringtones, wallpapers, games, apps etc directly to their concerned device. Its official website is 9apps .com which supports free android apps APK download. It contains thousands of best applications that can be installed for free in the device. After downloading this popular and free app store, you are provided with great variety in every available category from where you can choose your desired app.

The app has different filters on the main screen and by using the same you can find or search the desired ringtone or wallpaper as searching the things in accordance with category allow you to quickly find images and tones. The app has praised for this feature to find and download lots of fun ringtones and wallpapers.

This free and stupendous tiny sized app store requires android or higher to get installed in any of the compatible operating system device. As we recommend you to download this free app store, we also want you to know about some of the miscellaneous but important things regarding the app.

The license is free for 9apps and it is supportive of operating system android with the minimum version requirement of 2.3.3, 2.3.4 or higher. It is available in not one or two but a total of fourteen languages inclusive of English. It is 100 percent safe and secure for all of its users and one more thing is its size is just 1.99 mega bytes which takes a few seconds to get installed in your concerned device by consuming little space of your smart phone and lets you enjoy its numerous benefits with no extra cost or any charges.

If you want to get the advantages of the app then don’t miss the chance and download it now through APK of our web site by clicking on the header or footer options and enjoy it after getting installed..

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9apps for android mobile

9apps for android mobile

Search technique of 9apps :

From the main interface of 9apps, you can find the search option just below you will find a navigation bar with name home, app, game, theme, sticker, wallpaper, ringtone, video  after that you will see the listing of tools, entertainment, social, media and video, communication.

If you know the name of application or have idea about it then you can write in search box and click the search button relevant information will be shown by 9app.

If you do not know the name then you need not to worry about that just you have to use navigation category for your download.

Are you suffering from virus while downloading any apps online then use 9apps the only alternative mobile app store where you can download unlimited of apps it is the only app which is used in India after Google play store.  The apps which are preset in 9app are safe to download and installed. You can even download premium apps for free so that why most of the user in India use this platform for update their mobile.

9app first checked and scanned for viruses before uploading in their server so that no one can get harm while using the mobile apps. Even the size of 9app is of tiny size 1.5 mb which take few space in your mobile storage space. Instead of its small size its component are loaded with strong technology which provide you your apps with a click.

Interface of 9app : graphical user interface of 9app make user to get their application very easily with breadcrumb browsing technique.

9apps APK app

9apps APK app

Why Choose 9Apps?

There are millions of Android apps in Google Play store. More the number of apps, the more confused the user is going to be. Users often get no clue on which app to choose. Secondly, the user gets no idea or intimation on the safety of an app. Some of the apps contain malicious viruses which can cause harm or affect the smooth performance of the devices.

9Apps solves all issues related to safety and security. Each of the apps, available in 9Apps app store, are uploaded only after various levels of safety and security test. At first level, an app is scanned for viruses. Then in the next step, the presence of malicious codes are checked. This is done to offer absolute security to the app users. In short all apps, available in 9App Android app store, are cent per cent secure and safe for users to download.


Following are some of the advantages users experience when download and install 9Apps on their smart phones or Android devices. Having only 1.99mb in size, the app does not affect the performance of your device. On the other end, it helps improve the performance by cutting short the storage used by apps.

Following are some other advantages :-

  • It improves your experience as a user by suggesting all new and latest APK apps.
  • It increases the download speed of your apps and you are not required to wait for long to get any app.
  • The app store is built on a well-designed UI (User interface) in a way that it looks perfectly brilliant.
  • Apps are listed under hundreds of categories and subcategories. This makes search easier and users get better results. Various filters are also available for improving the search experience.

Many Apps, Single Store!

As per statistics, a normal user downloads and uses 30 apps on average. The number goes higher for those avid internet users and game lovers. Multiple apps are to consume device’s internal storage in large scale affecting its performance. Having multiple apps are bound to cause devices to lag. Users can overcome this by installing 9Apps which is very light in size. Further users can access and enjoy various other apps in this store.

Games, APK files and more!

Unlike other app stores which provide apps alone, 9Apps offers games, videos, movies and more. So users can not only download their favourite Android Apps, but also watch entertaining videos and films online. In addition, ringtones and wallpapers suiting each one’s requirements are also available in the store.

Android Application Package Files or APK files are another attraction. Users can download these APK files from the store. The app also suggests you all latest APK apps and so you never miss any important updates.


Features of 9Apps!

  1. Helps download Android apps of your choice. The app store has thousands of apps falling in diverse categories and sub-categories to meet all your needs.
  2. Games, entertainment videos, films, etc. all are listed in the app store. Users can enjoy using apps, watching movies or videos, all at one place.
  3. Offers complete security to the users.9App has taken extra care in securing users’ data and privacy. No harmful apps or malicious codes are, or will be, listed in the app store.
  4. Works on all Android versions starting 3.0.1 or higher. As per statistics, over 80% of the Android users are using Kitkat, Lollipop or above versions. Hence this is not an issue.
  5. Different filters for searching apps.Various filters make it easy for searching apps of your choice. This is a great help especially at times when the user is not sure of ‘which app to choose’ or does not know the name of the app.
  6. Availability of APK files. No other app stores offer as many APK files as we do.
  7. Collection of stickers, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. Users can also find stickers, wallpapers and can set ringtones using our app. Hope this is really interesting!
  8. Advanced technology. The app store uses advanced technology to offer quick and fast experience to the users while downloading apps and enjoying other services.
  9. Easy to install and use. You can finish install in few clicks. The app is very light hence it takes only a wink’s time to download.
  10. Consumes very little storage of user’s device. The app size of 1.99 makes it very light.
  11. Graphical Interface: 9App uses breadcrumb browsing technique and graphical user interface for assuring ease of use to the users.

Benefits of 9Apps :

  1. Free of cost: There is no cost and all apps available in the app store are free.
  2. Acts as a one-stop shop for Android apps.You can find nearly-all Android apps in the store.
  3. Ease of use: The app store uses an easy-to-use interface. Hence users with no deep knowledge on apps can also use it with ease.
  4. Require low space: The app consumes just 1.99 Mb of space on the device.
  5. Superior level of safety and security.9Apps takes extra care in blocking all malicious apps and malwares from the store.
  6. Works on nearly-all versions of Android Operating system. 0.6.3 or higher
  7. Available in 14 languages including English. This makes it more convenient to use for those not knowing English.
  8. Users can download and enjoy games, videos, films, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. from a single store.
  9. Having thousands of apps, the app store works as a single destination to multiple apps.

How to download and install 9apps?

Downloading 9Apps is simpler than anyone thinks. Just follow the steps given below to complete download to start enjoying the world’s largest app store.

  • Open Google web browser.
  • Type and press enter to begin Google search.
  • Log on to
  • Click on the download button available on the website.
  • Click install.
  • Complete install by clicking ‘Finish’ button.

How to download 9apps watch full video step by step –

How to search on 9Apps

Once downloaded, you can start searching for your favourite apps and games on the store. Various search filters are available on the store and using them users can filter apps by relevance or by category. Apps are categorized to entertainment, social, communication, media and video, among many others.

Choose the right category and find apps that best suits your needs. You can choose apps based on categories and this gives better and quicker results for your search.For instance, you will find only entertainment apps under the entertainment category and news apps under news category and so on. This makes it easier when you do not know the exact app you want to install.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which devices are compatible with 9Apps?

Any devices that run on Android or higher versions are compatible with 9Apps.

Is it available on iOs?

9Apps is not available in iOs platforms currently. The development works are on and will announce the launch.

How much does it cost?

9Apps APK are offered absolutely at free of cost. No cost is involved in downloading and installing this app. In addition, as an alternative App Store it provides hundreds of Android apps including those premium ones at free of cost.

How safe is 9Apps?

9Apps is 100% safe and safeguards each individual user’s privacy. Users are prior to us and we follow all steps to ensure their safety and privacy.

What all are available in the store?

9Apps app store is a store house of Android Apps. In addition, it also lists out apps, games, themes, stickers and wallpapers, ringtones, and videos.